Management Team

Management Team

Sanjeev Sharma
Mr. Sanjeev Sharma bring more than twelve years of expertise in various significant National and International civil engineering projects, his leadership has turbo boosted Gardenia Group’s growth. An extraordinary brain in the field of civil engineering having widespread experience in both domestic and international projects of scale, he has moved quickly to embrace change and has sought opportunities where they have been optimum.

As Managing Director of Gardenia India Ltd. he is the most effective link between the three key elements the value-creation logic, its organizing principles and its people process. He has rigorously upheld the creative independence of his people and helped them give professional expression to their work and in turn earned the valuable trust of customers. Mr. Sharma emphasizes on up-front technology and innovative designs to create a blend of technology and quality wise smart structures.

Manoj Kumar Ray
Being the Chairman of the group, Mr. Manoj Kumar Ray commands excellence in being a voracious trendsetter. An individual with natural leadership qualities, he is well versed with all the facets of the real estate world. He brings this remarkable combination to the boardroom and creates blueprints for surefire success.

Success is catchphrase for this real estate icon. His strengths in a wide range of key areas like marketing, finance, administration, liaison and construction give him a cutting edge.

He began his odyssey into real estate with prestigious real estate projects and now has his own dominion of experience with the name Gardenia India Ltd. whose projects are being rapidly recognized in the real estate world. His innovative and Out-of-the- box solutions are one of the major USP’s of Gardenia Group’s ventures. His strong business acumen is widely acknowledged by the real estate industry.